What if you could indulge in a delicious treat and help protect your teeth? As a guilt-free alternative to traditional candies, give BasicBites® sugar-free soft chews a try. This innovative new snack is designed to counteract sugar acids and fortify your teeth's enamel. BasicBites® work by coating the teeth in a patented blend of nutrients (arginine bicarbonate & calcium carbonate), that nourish the "good" bacteria in dental plaque to buffer against the "bad" bacteria that produce harmful and erosive acids. Developed by research scientists at Stony Brook University, and produced by Ortek Therapeutics in Roslyn, NY, these unique treats have been shown in a clinical study to reduce non-cavitated lesion progression by 42% in children's molars over the course of a year. At fifteen calories each, with a delicious chocolate flavor, BasicBites® are an easy and enjoyable boost to your oral care.